Support Operations Centre

Our Support Operation Centre (SOC) is located in Navi Mumbai and is manned by certified technical personnel who monitor all the contracted devices of the customers.

Using sophisticated network tools and detailed reporting scripts which analyse the traffic, the SOC team proactively optimises customer perimeter security products, seeking to resolve issues before they impact your users experience.

Protect Against Internal and External Threats

Firewalls must be properly provisioned, updated and patched to protect against internal and external threats. Policies and firewall rules need to be updated and maintained to ensure accessibility, provide security against emerging threats and maintain compliance with regulations. Security best practices and many regulations also require continuous firewall monitoring to detect and respond to threats.

Effective Monitoring

Keeping these solutions updated and patched while monitoring them 24/7 is a challenge for many organizations. Logix reduces that burden for clients with a firewall monitoring and management solution that provides updates, tuning and 24/7 monitoring.

Focussed Attention

With the help of specific tools, the SOC team continously manages the contracted devices for rules and policies and provide a high level of security effectiveness that is not possible in most organizations. Creating effective firewall rules helps to control the ingress and egress of data.

Multi-tiered Support

Logix provides multi tiered support to its customers through the SOC, customer can avail either of the support window based on the internal requirements:

Platinum Support

The customer devices covered under the Platinum support contract with Logix will be support ed 24x7x365 with the use of state of art SOC. Security Monitoring and management tool can be installed as optional if opted by customer which has built-in alerting, correlation and that help to automate a lot of function, thereby improving operator efficiency and performance. With the use of the tool Logix will provide Security Event Monitoring, Correlation and Incident Alerting services to the customer under Platinum Support. Logix will provide Timely and accurately correlated incident notification to the customer which greatly reduces the time taken to resolve incidents thereby improving infrastructure uptime. The incident notification will be provided to the customer contact person within the stipulated time frame.

Gold Support

The customer devices covered under the Gold support contract with Logix will be support ed 8x5x365 with the use of state of art SOC.

Platinum Incident Support

  • The Customers under the Platinum Support contract with Logix will be provided remote management and first level support from the SOC Security team. Support Ticket is raised during this period for the Customer by the Helpdesk team.
  • If the call is not resolved and needs onsite support the same is handed-over to the Local Field Security Support Engineer.The onsite support is not based on Timeline .It is related to type of problem when onsite presence required.
  • The Local Security Support Engineer in on-site will try to solve the issue, If he needs any assistance to solve the problem he will take help from the L4 Security Expert to trouble-shoot further and resolve
  • If the Problem has to be solved, with the help of the principle company he raises a Support TAC ( Help desk to the principle company with the Customer’s Support Details and Account to get the Support/RMA ) This policy based on Support purchased from Principal. Currently Customer is entitled for 8*5 support
  • The Support Ticket is closed only after confirmation from the Customer Contact.

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